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Pre Orders

When sales orders are entered on the system and stock is either not allocated or only part allocated, then the remaining balance quantity is treated as 'Pre Order' quantity. This option lists all stock items that have a pre-order quantity balance.

Stock Control: Pre-Orders

[N.B. To search, sort and to customise the list view, see List Views ]

You can elect to display any number of the following columns:

Stock CodeStock code reference of item in question.
DescriptionDescription of item.
CategoryStock Category Number.
Qty in StkActual item quantity in stock (includes quantity allocated).
Qty Alloc'dQuantity Allocated to existing sales orders. Quantity available for sale (i.e. qty free) = Qty in Stock minus Qty Allocated.
Qty Preorder'dTotal quantity in sales orders that has not been allocated any stock.
Qty RequiredThis is the quantity the is required to fulfill sales orders commitment. A negative value indicates sufficient stock to meet current commitments and more.
Qty on OrderTotal quantity that has been orderd from suppliers using purchase order processing.
Qty ShortThis column takes in to consideration all quantities (in stock, allocated, pre-order and on order) to give a final overview after taking delivery of any items on order. A negative figure indicates sufficient stock to meet all requirements plus a surplus for future sales.
ManufacturerPreferred supplier account reference.
Unit Weightitems unit weight.
Custom FieldsThere are 3 numeric and 3 text custom fields that may be defined for stock items (see Stock Item Custom Fields); these can also be selected for viewing in the list view.

Index | Stock List | Stock Record | Stock Pre-Orders | Stock Adjustments | Stock Activity

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