The Group Header and Group Footer bands are shown above and below each group. Usually, you don't need to manually manage these bands, as they are auto-created via the Group and Sort Panel. For more information, refer to Change or Apply Data Grouping to a Report and Change or Apply Data Sorting to a Report.

You may use the Group Header bands for grouping by multiple data fields in one of the following ways.

  1. Add several Group Header bands. Specify one group field for each of these bands.

    This results in nested grouping of the report's data.

  2. Specify several group fields for the Group Fields property of the Group Header band. The data will be grouped by certain combinations of field values.

The Group Footer band is unnecessary without the corresponding Group Header band, to which its properties are similar. The Group Footer can be used to display group totals, or group page numbers.

In the Property Grid, the properties of both these bands are divided into the following groups.

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