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Data processing utility is a tool for manipulating the system data and for importing data from external ODBC sources and comma delimited files. At the heart of the utility are the versatile data map files with .idm file extensions that define the data operation to be performed. Data map files can be created to import data from specific applications or perform pre-defined tasks on system data. You can see examples of how to import data from Sage ODBC source, importing .csv files and data processing.

If you require data to be imported from another application for which there a data map is not readily available, then a custom data map file can be created for the task. You will need to examine the system data file structure and identify which table and field the data should be imported from for each data item. For a step by step guide see Creating a New Data Map.

Advice: Make sure that you have adequate backup copies of your data before attempting to import data. The import process cannot be reversed.



Data Map. The drop down Data Map list box allows you to select a data map from a list of data map files that are shipped with the system. By clicking on the button, New, you can add a new data map file to the system repository. The Load button allows the selecte data map to be reloaded whilst the Remove button allows the selected data map to be deleted from the repository.

Source Connection Details. You can select the appropriate ODBC conenction available on your system and enter the data connection login details.

Destination Connection Details. If you have multiple companies defined then you can select the appropriate company that the data is to be imported in to.

Other Options. You can choose:

  • Not to import existing records or
  • To overwrite existing data or
  • Delete existing data before the data is imported

Limit No. of Records. For testing purposes, you can limit the number of records that are to be imported.

Process. This section show a list of table that may be imported or in the case of a data processing data map file, a list of procedures that can be performed. You may select multiple items from the list for processing at any one time.

Online Help. There is an online help link in the top right hand of the screen which provides further detailed information partaining to the selected data map.

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