The Chart is a sophisticated control used to embed graphs into your report. It graphically represents a series of points using numerous 2D or 3D chart types. A Chart can be populated with points both manually (by specifying arguments and values for each point) and dynamically (by connecting it to the report's data source, or binding it to a separate one).

For more information about this control, refer to Charting.

There are many available Chart types you can choose from. To name a few, these are Bar, Point, Line, Pie and Doughnut, Area, Radar and Polar, Range Bar, Gantt, Candle Stick and Stock charts.

A Chart control contains multiple elements (diagram, series, series points, axes, legend, titles, labels, strips, constant lines, etc.). When any of these elements is selected, the Property Grid shows only the properties which correspond to the selected item. Visual Chart elements which can be highlighted or selected, are described in Select Chart Elements.

The Chart control is data-aware in a different manner than the other report controls. Consider three common report scenarios:

  1. Static data for a Chart's series is provided manually. It can be done using the Series Collection Editor invoked by the Chart's Series property. It allows you to manually define values and arguments for each series point.
  2. Chart's series are created automatically, getting their data from the Chart's Data Source and dependent on the rules defined by the Series Template property. This approach is described in Chart with Dynamic Series.
  3. Each series is created and customized manually and has a separate Data Source. This approach is described in Chart with Static Series.

You can customize a created chart using both the Property Grid and the Chart Wizard. To invoke the Chart Wizard, click a Chart's Smart Tag, and in the invoked actions list, click the Run Wizard... link.

Then, the Chart Wizard will guide you through the whole process of customizing the Chart, from defining its view type to providing its data and customizing its appearance.

In the Property Grid, the Chart's properties are divided into the following groups.

Expand image Appearance

Expand image Behavior

Expand image Data

Expand image Design

Expand image Elements

Expand image Layout

Expand image Navigation