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Ice Ledger



There are a number of predefined reports under each section. These may be amended and saved as new and different reports using the reports designer.

Sales Ledger Reports

Reports: Sales Ledger

Select the desired report and click Edit to edit the report using the built-in Report Designer or the Run button to run the report. The selected report dialogue screen will be opened in a new tab, where you can enter details that are relevant to the selected report.

Report Dialogue Screen

With this done, click the Run Report button to start the reporting process and display the print dialogue screen. Select the necessary options and click OK to produce the report.

Purchase Ledger Reports

This option is similar to the the Sales Ledger Reports, described above but for Suppliers, purchase orders, goods received notes and purchase invoices.

Nominal Ledger Reports

This option is also similar the the Sales Ledger Reports, described above but specific to Nominal Ledger.

Reports Designer

All pre-defined reports can be amended and new ones created using the in-built reports designer. Simply select the report in question and click the Edit button.

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