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Ice Ledger

Settings: User Access

Access to the system can be controlled by creating user login accounts and assigning appropriate privileges (Settings, User Access). New user accounts can be added, existing ones edited or deleted. For users with the same roles and same access privileges, you can create new accounts based on existing accounts by using the Copy function or by copying access priviledges from an existing user with the help of the Copy Access button.

When you click Add, Edit or Copy, you are presented with the Access Rights dialogue screen.

User Access Privileges

Details on the screen include:

Login NameUnique user login ID that you want to create or are editing.
PasswordPassword to be assigned to the login.
Confirm PwdRe-enter the same password to make sure there are no typing mistakes.
Admin UserIf you want to assign full priviledges to a user account, check this box. Admin user privilege is more that giving them full access to all modules, listed below. There are some option that are not listed but are reserved for users with admin privileges only. This option overrides all other access privileges which are disabled.
Grant AllTick this box to grand access to all the options. You can use this as the starting point and revoke access to specific privileges.
Revoke AllIn contrast, tick this box to revoke access to all the options. Again, you can use this as the starting point and grant access to specific privileges.
ModuleThe first column lists all modules and settings for which privileges may be assigned.
AllTicking this box grants access to all options to the right.
NoneTicking this box, revokes access to all options to the right.
AccessTick this box to grant access / viewing privileges to the user. This si the minimum level of access that can be assigned. The user account must be granted access privilege before you can assign other privileges, listed to the right.
AddGranting this privilege means the user can create new accounts / records e.g. customer, supplier, sales orders, stock etc..
EditThis privilege allows the user to be able to edit record type in question.
DeleteThis privilege allows the user the authority to delete specified records.
PostThis privilege applies to records whete the information may be tarnsferred to / posted to other modules e.g. sales orders may be shipped or information in sales invoices 'posted' to the accounts ledgers etc..


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