This tutorial demonstrates how to add a cross-reference to your report. A cross-reference is simply a link whose target is located within the current document, which allows you to establish easy navigation through a report. In this example, we place a link at the bottom of each group, leading to the beginning of the report.

To demonstrate this feature, we'll use a report with grouping, similar the one created in the following tutorial: Change or Apply Data Grouping to a Report.

To create a report with cross-references, do the following.

  1. Drop a label onto the created ReportHeader band, which will serve as the report's headline. Click the label, to type the desired contents into it. Then, in the Property Grid, set its Name property to reportTop.

  2. To accompany the existing Group Header with the corresponding Footer, in the Group and Sort Panel, check the Show Footer option.

    Then, drop a label onto it. As it will be the link, change its Text to Top of Report, and apply the desired formatting to it (e.g. the blue color and underlined text).

    Set its Navigation Target property to _self. Then, if you click the drop-down list of the Navigation URL property, you can see the controls available in your report. Choose the one named reportTop.

The report with cross-references is now ready. Switch to the Preview Tab (or, HTML View Tab), and view the result.

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