The Subreport control allows you to include other reports in your current report.

There are several reasons for using subreports. The first one is to reuse reports. This can be of help if there is a particular report structure (template) that has to be included in all reports, and the report must have consistent appearance and functionality. A good example is a report header that contains the company information, logo, date, etc. The second reason for using subreports is creation of master-detail reports (or, invoice reports with hierarchically linked data).

However, for master-detail reports creation, another approach is recommended: using Detail Report bands.

You can click a subreport, to open the report to which it is linked in a new Design Panel.

In the Property Grid, the Subreport's properties are divided into the following groups.

Expand image Appearance

Expand image Behavior

Expand image Data

Expand image Design

Expand image Layout