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Stock Take by Location

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This screen can be used to enter actual current stock levels during stock take and the system will make the necessary adjustment. A combination of options allow Stock items to be retreived by location or stock codes, as described below.

In addition to ad-hoc stock take of selective items (i.e. spot checks), the system also caters for a formal full-scale stock take during which period options that allow stock levels to be adjusted are restricred e.g. shipping sales orders of booking stock in when posting Goord Received Notes etc.. To set the system into Stock Take Mode, enable the option in Settings, Configurations, Stock.

When the system is in Stock Take Mode, you can select one or more items to 'batch' them together for stock check. A pre stocktake report (Stock Take Ticket) may be printed to aid the stock take process.

Stored Items

This versatile option (Stock, Stock Take) allows you to identify stocked items that are stored in particular location(s) and carry out the stock check process on these items. You can identify stocked items in a particular storage location by a number of separate criteria. For each of the 4 selection parameters, you can apply a number of filters (e.g. All, Between, Equal to etc..), using the drop-down list. Stocked items that fullfill ALL the criteria entered are listed on screen:



Parameter Details
Stock Code You can enter one or a range of stock codes to be listed.
Location 1 / 2 To allow a more complex filtering of storage location references, the system allows you to apply two separate but different filters.
Tag You can limit your results by the item batch purchase references / tags.
Ticket No During Stock Take Mode, selected items are grouped together into batches and each batch assigned a Ticket Number. You can enter a ticket number in this field and click Display to list all items on the respective ticket number.
Show Depleated By default, the system only lists items that are in stock. You can check this option to include items for which there is no stock showing.
Show Compleated By default, the system doe not display items that have been stock checked. You can check this option to include these completed items.

Once you have applied all the required filters, you can click the Display button to list all matching items. If the items listed are not what you require, you can change one or more of the filter settings and re-click the display button to update the list. You can reset all the silters using the Reset button.

Items List

The identified items are listed in a normal list view that can be sorted, modified or filtered further in the same way as all other list views (see List Views for more details).

List View Columns:

  • In Stock. Qty in stock. If there is any stock allocated in a sales order, the background of the cell is set to pink.
Once you have the required items listed, you can update the Stock Take Quantity column with the actual item quantity, for the appropriate item. In addition, you can also enter a short reference to indicate that this particular batch has been stock checked. This is particularly useful when the system quantity matches the physical quantity in stock (i.e. there is no change). Multiple rows may be updated at any one time. If quantity in stock for two or more items are correct and you want to record this stock check, then select the appropriate rows and click the button, Qty OK to update all selected rews. Similarly, if you want to update the Reference field for all the selected rows with the same single reference then simply select the appropriate rows, enter the reference in the Apply Stock Take Ref and click the button to its right. To save any changes that you have made, you MUST click the Save button. When changes are saved, the system automatically records the date and time the changes are applied.





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