The first FULL Accounts System

for new start-up Companies

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Ice Ledger

Are you studying Accountacy / Book-keeping?

Until the end of September 2019, we are offering a FREE one year license to students studying Accountacy. To obtain a FREE one-year license, continue to download a 30-days evaluation copy and then send us an email with details of the course (including University/College, Course and Lecturer Names), you are currently enrolled in, to obtain your one-year license activation key.

Ice Ledger


Ice Ledger is a comprehensive business accounting software for small to medium sized business. You can get it now for FREE before the the end of end of the year 2020. There are no hidden costs or adverts!

It has everything you need to manage customers, sales orders, sales invoices as well as suppliers, purchase orders and suppier invoices, customer receipts and supplier payments. Integrated advanced Stock Control features provides full stock tracability from purchase to sale. The MTD digital tax integration for VAT can also be used as stand alone MTD bridging software.

Open multiple customer, supplier, stock and nominal accounts simultaneously and flick between them.

The system is multi-currency and allows multiple banks including foreign currencies and bank reconciliations. You can setup and log in to multiple companies simultaneously and easily swap between them. Multi user with security for granular access to features. Integrated documents templates and reports editor. You can clone your company live data to a demo company for staff training or for testing procedures without affecting you actual company data.

Ice Ledger goes further still to let you operate workstations as Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) terminals / tills.

With appropriate setup, you can even access and manage your company accounts from remote locations. Ice Ledger is also capable of automatically processing sales orders from eCommerce websites. With so many features in a single package, why would you want to use anything else?

We are offering Ice Ledger for free to help new start up businesses to get established or for established businesses to computerise their company accounts without the useual up-front financial outlay.

When it comes to Company accounting, Ice Ledger makes it simple and its just what the accountant ordered.

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Ice Ledger

Key Points

  • The first FULL accounts system for new start up companiesThe first FULL accounts system for new start up companies.
  • Absolutely FREE for a limited period. Absolutely FREE till the end of the year 2020.
  • Guaranteed to be completely FREE of any adverts.Guaranteed to be completely FREE of any adverts.
  • Comprehensive business accounting software. Comprehensive business accounting software.
  • Fully functional - NO restrictions of any kind. Fully functional - NO restrictions of any kind.
  • Available as a free download. Available as a free download.

Ice Ledger


Sales Ledger

Sales Ledger

Customer Management

Sales Orders

Sales Invoicing

Batch Sales / Credits

Purchase Ledger

Purchase Ledger

Supplier Management

Purchase Enquiries

Purchase Orders


Stock Control

Stock Control

Stock Details

Sell Prices





Customer Receipts

Supplier Payments

Cancel Payments/Receipts

De-allocate Payments/Receipts

Nominal Ledger

Nominal Ledger


Audit Trail

Journal Entries

Cancel Journals



Email Templates

Report Browser

Report Wizard


Other Features


Demo Company

Define Users & Access Rights

Edit System Configuration

Submit VAT Returns direct to HMRC

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