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Stock Activity

All stock booked in and out is recorded in stock transactions which can be viewed, searched, sorted, filtered and analysed here, see list views. You can select from either pre-defined periods or a custom date range, types of transactions and specify the maximum number of transactions to display. If the latter is set to zero or blank, then all matching transactions will be displayed. If this is the case, then it may take some time for the system to display the results when there are a large number of transactions. The most recent transactions matching the selection criteria are displayed.

Stock Activity / Movements

Columns that are displayed include:

IdUnique transaction number.
Goods ID'Purchase' batch number, assigned automatically by the system to each batch of stock items that are booked in.
Trans. TypeTransaction Types:
  • AI: Adjustments In. All transactions where items stock quantity has been increased using the Stock Adjustments - Increase option.
  • AO: Adjustments Out. All transactions where items stock quantity has been decreased using the Stock Adjustments - Decrease option.
  • GI: Goods In. These are transaction where stock has been booked in to the system e.g. stock in
  • GO: Goods Out. All transactions where items have been booked out of stock. For example items shipped from sales orders or stock booked out in stock out
  • MI: Movements In. Stock items moved in to a Store from another Store .
  • MO: Movements Out. Stock items moved out from one Store to another.
  • TI: Transfers In. Stock transferred in to a particular stock code item from another stock code.
  • TO: Transfers Out. Stock transferred from one stock code item to another.
  • WO: Write Off / Scrapped - list of stock items that have been written off.
StoreStock items may be stored in multiple segregated locations (Stores). The first location is considered as the main / master location. The stock records show quantity in stock, quantity allocated and preorder quantities for the stock items stored in the master location. Stock may be moved into other Stores and between stores. This column shown the short name assigned to the store in question.
DateDate of transaction.
Stock CodeStock Code reference of item in question. This is a hyperlink which you can click to view the full stock record details.
Order #Sales order number. If the transaction was created as a result of items being shipped from a sales order, then the sales order number is listed here. This is also a hyperlink thay you can click to view the sales order in question.
A/C RefCuatomer / supplier account reference. If the transaction was a result of a sale to a customer or a purchase from a supplier, then the relevant account reference is shown in this column. You can click the referenve to view the customer / supplier record.
LocationReference pertaining to the physical location of where the batch of items are / were stored in the warehouse.
Casting NoCasting number or more commonly referred to as the manufacturer's production batch reference.
DetailsShort description of the transaction.
QtyItem quantity booked in ot out of warehouse.
Curr. Stock QtyCurrent stock quantity. This is the quantity in stock before the current changes to the stock was made.
Cost PriceUnit cost price of stock item.
Sell PriceUnit sell price of stock item. This is applicable only when items are sold or booked out at a specific price.
Profit (%)Percentage profit for items that are booked out.

Index | Stock List | Stock Record | Stock Pre-Orders | Stock Adjustments | Stock Activity

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