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Purchase Orders

This section explains how stock levels are effected by the purchase process.

When a new purchase order (PO) is created, it's status is set to Pending. The PO may be saved and re-edited as many times as desired without effecting stock details (quantity on order). However, once the status is set to On-Order and the PO saved, the stock record details of all items are updated. The quantity on order is incremented by the order quantity for each item. If the PO is amended and saved, then the on-order quantity of effected items are updated accordingly.

Should the PO status be set to Cancelled and the PO saved, then the Ordered quantity of all items is decremented by the quantity that was previously on order.

When goods are received, the received quantity, GRN Qty is updated. When all items have been received, the PO order status is automatically set to Received (see GRN below).

Index | Suppliers | Purchase Enquiries | Purchase Orders | GRN | Purchase Invoices

GRN: Goods Received Notes

When purchased items are received, a goods received note (GRN) may be created from one or more purchase orders. When the GRN is saved, the In Transit quantity for each item is incremented by quantity being received.

Index | Suppliers | Purchase Enquiries | Purchase Orders | GRN | Purchase Invoices

PO, qty Q Status changed to On-Order. Stock on Order Qty is incremented by Q. If PO with status On-Order is amended, change in Q is refrected in stock record. If status is changed to Cancelled, Stock record is update GRN - Import PO. Save GRN. In-Transit qty in both stock record and PO is updated by GRN Qty irrespective of GRN status. IF GRN Qty is amended, update In-Transit qty, irrespective of GRN status Post GRN. Saves GRN. GRN Qty is decremented from In-Transit Qty and from On-Order values in stock records. Also, increments PO - GRN Qty. Create an entry in tables goods, bins and stk_trans Importing a PO in to a new GRN will set the GRN qty to the outstanding balance If ALL itms have been received, the PO status is set to Received. Future import of PO with Received status is not allowed. Importing a PO - only non / part received items are imported. GRN qty is set to outstanding balance by default.

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