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When items are shipped from a Sales Order, the transaction is logged as a shipment / GDN (goods delivery note). This screen provides you with a list of Shipments generated allowing you to view, print or generate Sales Invoices. There is a filter that you can apply to the displayed list to filter down the list. For further customisation and filtering, see List Views.

Shipment List Screen

  • View. View an existing Shipment. The record is not 'locked' and cannot be edited.
  • Invoice. Generate Sales Invoice for each of the selected Shipments.
  • Details. Print selected Shipment(s).
  • List. Print selected Shipments in a list.
  • Refresh. As others using the system can ship Orders etc, this will refresh the list to get the latest changes.
  • Delete. Delete selected Shipment(s).

At the left hand side of each shipment in the list is a icon of a plus sign in a box, clicking on this icon will expand the grid to show the items that was shipped on the selected shipment, the icon will change to a minus sign. Clicking on the icon again will close the list of items for the selected shipment.

Ship a Sales Order

You can ship a Sales Order by clicking on the Ship button on the Sales Order screen, or selecting the order on the Sales Order Browse screen and clicking on Ship.

Shipping a Order from the Sales Order Screen

Open the Order that you wish to ship and click on the Ship button. This button will only be enabled if the order isn't marked as closed, and we have some stock allocated. Depending on how the system is configured, the order will then be put through the ship procedure.

Shipment Preview Screen

Under Configuration, Sales Section, there is an option to Preview GDN Invoice, if this option is ticked, you will be presented with a dialog showing the items that are to be shipped together with the quantities. To continue shipping, click on Ship button on the toolbar of the preview dialog. If this option is not ticked, then the system will proceed to ship the order without any further intervention required.

Shipping a Order from the Sales Order Browse Screen

Shipping through this screen operates in the same way as shipping through the Sales Order screen except here you can ship multiple orders at one time. Simply select the order(s) you which to ship in the list and click on Ship. If you have selected more than one order, the system will show a log after the shipping process has completed to whether there has been any issues or not.

Under Configuration, Sales Section, there is an option, 'Invoice on Ship', enabling this option allows the system to automatically generate a Sales Invoice from the Shipment(s) you have just shipped, meaning you won;t have to go and manually generate the invoice from the Shipments screen. All invoices generated are visible under Sales Invoices

Generate a Sales Invoice

Each shipment from a Sales Order creates a single Shipment record with details of shipped items which then can be used to generate Sales Invoices. To generate a Sales Invoice from a Shipment, simply select one or more Shipment records that have not already been invoiced and click the Invoice button.

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