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Purchase Ledger

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Purchase Ledger

You can manage supplier accounts and for large shopping lists, create purchase enquiries that can be sent to selected, multiple suppliers as spreadsheets attached to emails. When they reply with their favorable prices, the spreadsheets can then be imported back into the system to be analysed to determine which supplier is offering the best price for each item and generate Purchase Orders accordingly.

Subsequently when purchase orders are fulfilled and items received, together with the Goods Received Notes (GRN), these can be matched against the original purchase orders to check for and highlight any discrepencies. Once this is done, the purchase orders can be used to generate purchase invoices that match the invoices from suppliers. Thus circumventing manual re-entry of what could otherwise be lengthy purchase invoices.

Index | Suppliers | Purchase Enquiries | Purchase Orders | GRN | Purchase Invoices

Suppliers List View

The screen shows a list of all suppliers. You can quickly locate suppliers with a matching text, entered into the top, blank, filter row. To customise your list view and for more advanced filtering options, see List Views.

Suppliers List View

The top tool bar has a number of buttons including:

NewAdd / create a new supplier record.

EditEdit an existing supplier record, which is locked for exclusive access till the record is closed (Save / Cancel).

ViewView supplier details without locked the record for exclusive access.

CopyCreate a new supplier record, based on an existing supplier - handy for when suppliers have multiple depots / branches.

PrintPrint selected supplier details, using predefined templates.

ListBy selecting multiple supplier records, you can print a supplier list of selected records.

RemittanceGenerate a supplier remittance for seleted suppliers.

RefreshIn a large network environment, other users may update supplier details, rendering your view of suppliers out of date. Use this button to get the latest supplier details and update your screen.

Index | Suppliers | Purchase Enquiries | Purchase Orders | GRN | Purchase Invoices

Supplier Record

The supplier details screen allows you to enter all relevant supplier details, which are split into separate forms, under a number of Tabs (Details, Settings, Bank, Notes, Addresses and Logs) at the top. Additional tabs (Trading, Orders and Activity) provide summary trading details. Also, there are a number of buttons on the top toolbar:

SaveUse this button to save any changes that you may have made to the supplier record.
EditIf the supplier record was opened in view mode, then this button will be disabled and you will not be able to save any changes. Should you change your mind and want to make changes, simply click this button to enable record editing.
CancelUse this button to abandon any changes you may have made to the supplier record and to close the form.
LogYou can create log entries in the supplier record. Once saved, these entries can NOT be changed. The system will automatically log the current user login user name, current date and time. These entries may be reviewed in the Logs tab of the supplier record.

DefaultUse this utton to save a number of pre-defined fields as the default values which are automatically assigned to any newly created supplier account record. The fields in questions are heighlighted when the button is clicked. Find out more ..

PrintUse this to print supplier details. You will be able to select different print layout templates and choose where the output should be directed (printer, screen, file etc..). Printing

Supplier Record

The supplier record has a number of tabs: Details, Settings, Bank, Notes, Addresses, Trading, Orders, Activity and Logs:

DetailsThe above screenshot shows the various details that you can record for each supplier.

Reminder: You can enter a short message here as a reminder so that when anyone creates a new purchase order for this supplier, the message will be displayed as a reminder.

SettingsDefine various settings, including:
  • Tag Prefix. You can enter a prefix for use with the tag reference to create labels for warehouse locations for stored batches of items to aid the picking process. If you associate multiple tag references for a single supplier, you can enter them as a comma delimited list here and you will be able to select the required tag reference from a dropdown list in purchase orders.
Supplier Settings

BankYou can record supplier hank details.
Supplier Bank Details

NotesRecord any free text notes for future reference.
Supplier Notes

AddressesEach supplier record has its own separate address book to manage their respective multiple locations.
Supplier Address Book

TradingQuick summary view of amount of trade you have done with the supplier.
Suppier Trading Figures

OrdersView details of all purchse orders placed with the supplier.
Supplier Purchase Orders List

ActivityExamine all financial transactions between you and the supplier.