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Ice Ledger

Settings: Login

When Ice Ledger is started, you will be presented with the user login screen:

Login Dialogue Screen

Using the Select Company drop-down box, choose the company you wish to log in to and enter a valid user login name and password before clicking the OK button to gain access. Both the user login name and password are case (UPPER and lower) sensitive. Please note that the password is not displayed on the screen.

Title Bar

The login dialog title bar lists the Ice Ledger program version ( and the ID of the Ice Ledger server (WEBS) that is selected (see Server, below).


Login online help

In the login dialog title, there is a small help icon on the right-hand side that will take you to this online help page.


Login: system information

There is a small information icon in the top left-hand side, just below the login screen title, that you can use to view pertinent details about your installation.


Ice Ledger has the ability to connect to different installations / servers that are either on the same local network or at some remote location. This is particularly useful for accountants and accounting service companies who may wish to connect to their client company data from the comfort of their own office. This feature is also useful for staff working from home or from some remote location away from the office.


This particular feature allows users to check who is already logged in to the system. This is useful when the total number of logged in users has reached the maximum allowd by the licensing agreement. So, anyone needing to login to the system can check who is logged in but not actively using the system and ask them to log out.

Login Clear

If your computer system crashes in the middle of using Ice Ledger or for any reason you do not exit the program properly then the current login will remain in place. When you next try to login with the same user account details, a warning message, stating that the user account is already logged in and a Clear button will be displayed. If this is due to Ice Ledger not being shutdown correctly and the user is NOT currently logged in then you can use the Clear button to clear the old login.

Clear Logged In User Account

If you have problems logging in then please reffer to FAQ or contact support.

Auto Login and Auto Start Up

To automate the login process, run the application using a batch file with additional parameters with each parameter separated by a space:

  1. Company Name. Short company name that the program should login to - not case sensitive.
  2. User Name. Login ID of the person that you want to login as - case sensitive.
  3. Password. Password for the user login account - case sensitive.
  4. Screen. Abbreviated screen name. To open multiple screens, specify a delimited (;) list enclosed in double quotes. If a screen requires additional parameters the add a colon (:) to the end of the screen name followed by the parameters as a comma delimited list. e.g. "buau:parameter-1,parameter-2,parameter-3"sol
    • buau. Backup Automatically i.e. unattended backup.
    • sol. Sales Order List View

For more details, see Auto Login.

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