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Stock Take

There are 2 different implementations of stock take:
  1. Simple: This is a much simpler implementation suitable for smaller organisations that carry out stock take under less formal procedures.
  2. Formal: This is a more formal approach with the system locked down during the stock take process. During this period, changes to stock levels are not possible untill after the stock take process has been concluded.

Stock Take: Simple

During the stock take process, the physical stock levels can be set for individual items by clicking on the Stock Take button in the stock record screen. Alternatively, you can select multiple stock records from the Stock Items list view and click the Stock Take button to display the Stock Take screen.

Stock Items List View

For each selected item, the system lists all batches for which there is some quantity of stock remaining. If a single purchased batch of items were split into 2 or more batches (i.e. set of batches with the same Goods ID) then even batches that have zero stock quantity will be listed. Items for which there is NO stock are not listed as default. To view these, click on the Show Depleted button.

The physical stock take quantities can be set in the Stock Take Quantity Column. If a particular batch has some stock allocated then the quantity background colour is displayed as pink. You can not adjust stock levels of these batches that have allocated stock.

The stock record shows the last stock take date. To set this date for batches that have the correct stock levels (and hence do not require adjustments), select the appropriate batch and click the button, Qty OK.


Once all stock levels have been set, click the Post button to save changes. The system will automatically create the necessary stock movement transaction records.

Stock Take: Formal

To start the stock take process, go to Settings, Configurations, Stock and set Stock Take option to: Prepare for Stock Take. The system will continue to work as normal but will now allow users to print pre stock take lists in readiness for the stock take process:
  1. Go to: Stock, Stock Take
  2. Use the selection criteria to list one or more stock records.
  3. Highlight one or more listed records and use the Print button to print the pre stock take report.
  4. Once you are ready to proceed, go to step 1 above and change the setting to: Lock System for Stock Take.
  5. Use the above report (3) to record

Index | Stock List | Stock Record | Stock Pre-Orders | Stock Adjustments | Stock Activity

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