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Ice Ledger


Ice Ledger is a fully featured business accounting software for desktop computers that contains a comprehensive list of features. The system is multi-company, multi-currency and multi-user. Here, we give you brief details of some of the main features of the system. Where possible, we have included a link to a video that shows you the feature in operation.

Sales Ledger

Customer Management   Customer Management Overview on YouTube

Customer Details
Customer Trading Figures
  • Create, Edit and Manage customer contact details. For customers with multiple branches, create new customer accounts from existing accounts.
  • Notes. Record and maintain detailed notes about your customers and your interaction with them.
  • Reminder. Enter a reminders for customers which are displayed when a sales person takes a sales order or creates a sales invoice.
  • Address Book. Separate address book for each customer account to keep track of their multiple locations.
  • Trading. Quick overview of customer trading on a per month basis.
  • Sales Orders. Dedicated screen showing details of all sales orders for the selected customer.
  • Sales Invoices. Dedicated screen showing details of all sales invoices for the selected customer.
  • Activity. Dedicated screen showing detailed breakdown of all customer invoices, credit notes and payments that have been received. The screen also show both the customer current and aged account balances.
  • Logs. You and your staff can create permanent records of any conversations or agreed terms etc.. Because these records are permanent, you are assured that these have not been amended retrospectively by anyone - giving all concerned a much greater level of confidence.

Sales Orders   Sales Order Overview on YouTube

Sales Order List
Sales Order Entry Screen
  • Sales Quotes. Quickly create sales quotes for all your enquiries with quick access to all your stock inventory details and prices.
  • Convert Quotes to Orders. Once a quote has been accepted, it can be converted to a sales order with a simple mouse click.
  • Allocate Stock. You can allocate stock to sales orders and even pre-book the stock to sales quotes in anticipation of an order confirmation. Stock can be allocated on the basis of from oldest batch or from specific one or more batches. Any sales order items with unallocated stock are automatically flagged up as pre-orders.
  • Documents. Print / email various documents including quotes, sales order confirmations, warehouse picking lists, delivery notes etc..
  • Ship Sales Orders. Sales orders that are part or fully ready, can be shipped, leading to automatic stock adjustments and logging of stock transactions.
  • Sales Invoices. Automatically create sales invoices from shipped orders.
  • Templates. All document 'printing' is templates based. By creating multiple templates its easy to print / generate different documents
  • Printing. The unique print dialogue interface, allows all documents to be printed / emailed or exported to different file formats including PDFs to suite your requirements.

Sales Invoicing   Sales Invoicing Overview on YouTube

Sales Invoice Browse Screen
Sales Invoice Entry Screen
  • Automatic / Manual. Create sales invoices automatically from sales order shipments or manually by direct data entry.
  • Copy / Flip. Create new invoices / credit notes from existing ones and amend to suite. Also the ability to flip copy a sales invoice to a sales credit and vice versa both of which can them be amended should you need to.
  • Repeat Billing. To meet regular / repeat billing requirements, sales invoices cane be created and set to repeat after specified number of days / weeks / months or years. Repeated invoices may be amended before sending to customers.

Batch Sales / Credits

  • Cash / Counter Sales. Record Counter Sales & Credits easily.

Purchase Ledger

Supplier Management   Supplier Management Overview on YouTube

Supplier Browse Screen
Supplier Activity Tab
  • This has all the facilities found under customer management system but for suppliers.

Purchase Enquiries   Purchase Eqnquiry OverView on YouTube

Purchase Enquiry List
Purchase Enquiry Entry Screen
  • For large orders, create open enquiries for products you are looking to buy in the near future which you can then send to multiple prospective suppliers.
  • Export enquiries for selected suppliers to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Import returned replies back into the system for analysis.
  • Generate purchase orders based on analysed replies with options to amend the orders before sending to one or more suppliers.

Purchase Orders   Purchase Order Overview on YouTube

Purchase Order Entry Screen
  • Similar to Sales Orders, you can create, manage, print / email purchase orders to send to suppliers.

Deliveries   Goods Received Entry Overview on YouTube

Goods Received Note
  • When ordered goods are received, the goods received notes (GRN) can be created easily form the purchase orders and matched against received delivery note, accompanying the goods. If all match, the items can be booked into stock with a click of a button. During this process, stock may be allocated automatically to any sales orders with pre-order items.
  • The goods received notes can be converted automatically to purchase invoices to match the supplier invoice, thus circumventing much data entry and avoiding operator input errors.

Purchase Invoices   Purchase Invoicing Overview on YouTube

Purchase Invoice Entry Screen
  • Automatic / Manual. Create Purchase Invoices automatically from Goods Received Notes or manually by direct data entry.
  • Copy / Flip. Create new Invoices / Credit Notes from existing ones and amend to suite. Also the ability to flip copy a Purchase Invoice to a Purchase Credit and vice versa both of which can them be amended should you need to.

Batch Purchases / Credits

  • Ability to enter cash purchases and refunds.

Stock Control

Stock Details   Stock Items Overview on YouTube

Stock Details Screen
Stock Item Activity Screen
  • Create, Edit and Manage stock record details. System allows for up to four separate sell prices for each item and has the ability to define 3 text and further 3 numeric custom properties.
  • Details. See all item details at a quick glance, including current stock level, allocated stock, pre-order quantities, quantities on order, quantities in transit, date of next expected shipments and more ...
  • Cost Prices. System tracks cost price of each individual batches of items that are purchased and are currently in stock to give you a true cost of any sale. At a glance you can see the minimum, average and maximum cost price of items.
  • Reminder. You can enter a reminder for an item and it will be displayed to the sales person when he / she enters a sales order or an invoice.
  • Stock. View a list of all batches of any one item that has ever been purchased and there is still have stock remaining.
  • Notes. Ability to record and maintain detailed notes pertaining to each item.
  • Trading. Quick overview of quantity sold, total sale value and profit on a per month basis.
  • Sales Orders. Dedicated screen showing details of all sales orders that have been raised for the selected item.
  • Purchase Orders. Screen showing details of all purchase orders that have been raised in purchasing the selected item.
  • Activity. Dedicated screen showing detailed breakdown of all stock movement for selected item.
  • Logs. As per customer and supplier accounts, you can create permanent records of any important information.
  • Pre-Orders. View a list of all sales orders where the selected item has not been fully allocated.
  • In Transit. View all purchase orders, pertinent to the selected stock item that have been shipped by the supplier but not yet received.
  • Builds. Create / build new stock items from other stock items / parts. New items may be craeted by assembling not only other parts but also other components that are themselves built from other parts.

Sell Prices   Sell Prices Overview on YouTube

  • As already mentioned, up to 4 different sell prices can be defined and updated easily.

Activity   Stock Activity Overview on YouTube

  • View all stock activity at a glance with ability to filter the list on a whole range of different criteria.


  • Quick overview of all stock items where the stock has not been fully allocated to sales orders - again with ability to extensively filter the list.


  • Ability to define multiple depots to where items may be stored and moved between depots.

Stock Adjustments

Stock Adjustments - Stock In
  • Options for Stock In, Stock Out, Write Off, Increase, Decrease, Move allow stock levels to adjusted as per requirements.

Stock Take

  • Option to correct stock levels during the formal process of physical stock check to reconcile system stock with physical stock in warehouse.

Stock Revaluation

  • Ability to revalue single or multiple stock items very easily with all changes logged for traceability if desired.

Intrastat   Intrastat Report on YouTube

Intrastat Report
  • This report caters for VAT registered business, trading goods between EU member states, so that the statutory, statistical information can be submitted to the government.


Customer Receipts   Customer Receipts on YouTube

Customer Receipts Entry Screen
  • Enter monies received from Customers and match them against outstanding Sales Invoices and Credit Notes.

Supplier Payments

  • Enter payments made to Suppliers and match them against outstanding Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes.


  • Record all monies received from sources other than regular customers such as cash / counter sales.


  • Enter all non supplier related payments such as petty cash purchases and utility payments etc..

Cancel Receipts

  • Cancel customer receipts that have been entered on to the system previously such as a cheque that may not have cleared.

Cancel Payments

  • Cancel supplier payments recorded previously and matched against suppler invoices etc.


  • De-allocate Payments or Receipts in case of mistakes during allocation without cancelling the Payment/Receipt.


  • Create remittance advice notes for supplier payments being submitted.

Contra Entries

  • When you both buy from and sell to a particular company, you can match your sales invoice balance against the purchase invoice balance.

Nominal Ledger

Accounts   Nominal Account Management on YouTube

Nominal Accounts List
  • Full Nominal Ledger implementation means you can analyse your business activity in fine detail.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail
  • System creates a full Audit Trail of all financial activity that can be viewed easily and filtered to quickly locate desired transactions.

Journal Entries

  • Ability to record debit and credit journals for the long list of nominal accounts that may be defined.

Cancel Journals

  • Ability to cancel / reverse previously entered journal entries to correct errors.

Bank Transfers   Bank Transfers on YouTube

Bank Transfers
  • Ability to transfer funds between bank accounts that may be of same or different currencies.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation
  • Match your physical bank statements records against transactions recorded in the accounts system.

Write Off

  • Option to write off small customer and supplier balances to reconcile / tidy up accounts.

VAT Return

  • Companies that are VAT registered can generate statutory VAT returns report.

Day Book   Day Books on YouTube

Day Book Reports
  • Create sales invoices / receipts / bank payments and receipts day book reports.


Email Templates   Email Template Management on YouTube

Email Templates
  • Ability to create email templates that may be used to generate emails during the automated process of 'printing' documents such as sales order acknowledgements, sales invoices as PDF files and emailed directly to recipients as attachments.

Report Browser   Report Browser on YouTube

Reports Browser
  • This is the main reporting interface that allows existing Sales, Purchase, Stock, Nominal and Miscellaneous reports and document templates to be modified or new ones to be created. Custom new reports may be requested and imported into the system.

Report Wizard

Report Wizard
  • An easy to use tool to create basic reports that can then be modified to suit your needs.

Other Features


  • There are an array of supporting functions to help manage Tax Codes, Countries, Currencies, Exchange Rates, System Logs etc..

Demo Company

  • A very useful feature that allows your live company data to be copied to a 'Demo' company which can be used to practice or to try out a new procedure that you may not be sure about or simply to help train staff without compromising your company accounts.

User Access

User Access
  • Ability to create and manage User login accounts and control user access to the system at a very granular level.


System Configuration
  • The system has a large list of user definable options to enable system configuration and deliver a better user experience.

Remote Connections

  • Ability to connect to your server running Ice Ledger from remote locations via the web means you or your staff could work from home / remote location or you could for example grant your accountant access to your system so that he / she can provide remote support without having to make a site visit.

Utilities   Ice Ledger Data Backup on YouTube

Data Backup
  • System has a number of Tools and Utilities, including Data Backup/Restore, Data Integrity Check, Global/Group and Private Email Address Book etc...

Extensive Printing System

  • An extensive printing system that allows you to print documents not only to the usual of output of your printer or screen but also to:
    • PDF. Print direct to PDF format.
    • Export. Print direct to many other kind of formats including CSV, Excel Files, HTML, MHT and others.
    • Email. Print documents such as Invoices and Statement to PDFs and email them direct to your customers with the minimal of fuss.


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