The Report Wizard allows you to create reports of two kinds - standard reports and label reports. To create a standard report, invoke the Report Wizard dialog and choose the Standard Report option on the Welcome page.

After completing the Standard Report wizard, you will get a tabular banded report. Depending on how many wizard steps you complete (you don't necessarily have to go through all the pages), you can apply data grouping, display totals, select one of the predefined style sheets, etc.

The following image shows a sample report created using the Standard Report Wizard.

Use the links below to learn more about every step of the Standard Report wizard.


Depending on the method you used to invoke the Wizard, you may be creating an entirely new report or modifying an existing one. Creating reports from scratch requires database connection knowledge. In these cases, it's better if you contact your application administrator or vendor for assistance with the first three steps of the wizard. If you're modifying an existing report, you'll skip these initial data binding steps and start with Step 4 - Choose Columns to Display in Your Report.